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Centenary Cemetery

11 Nov Poppies for Remembrance Day

Centenary Cemetery
mind not the weeper or the prayer,
all those who have the eyes to see,

The moon gives you light,
  And the bugles and drums, the night

To the Judge of Right and Wrong
Our purpose and our power belong,

with uncomprehending eyes
laid down immediate and wise;

Where now the Mother, comfort me?
Where Art Thou Father, can't you see?

Gather round the Centenary Cemetery over there
Old and young with hymn and prayer
Poppies for Remembrance Day


Blow out, you bugles, over lads Dead!
These laid the world away; poured out the red
     What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
        Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle

But yesterday amid glory and the prize,
          One strove to quiet the other's cries,

rules consider wise,
See whence the tear-filled eyes

O Best beloved can you see battle-corpses, myriads of them,
          And the white skeletons of young men, who saw them?

The banners play, the bugles call,
The air is blue and prodigal.

To death, because they never lived: but I
Have lived indeed, and so—(yet one more kiss)—can die!

No funerary for them; no prayers nor bells,
Just shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;

with staring sightless eyes,
Hear around the many sighs

We see and hold the good—
For Freedom’s brotherhood.

Gather round the Centenary Cemetery over there
Citizen and Child with hymn and prayer

A steady rain, dark and thick
Now feel the stir of despair quick

My comrade’s eyes
holy glimmers of goodbyes.

So now the poppy in fields doth bloom’
For the day all fill’d with gloom,

Clearing your minds of all estranging blindness
Speak now of Freedom, Honour and Lovingkindness.

Upon sightless staring eyes
soft short broken sighs,

Only his collar with his honourable mark
Mankind’s best hope? Laid out this night in solitary dark

While man has power to perish and be free—
Men perished for their dream of Liberty

Here sit the haggard men that speak no word,
No voice of fellowship or strife is heard

The British War Medal World War I.


The body now denies
To Sleep return, little eyes

Nary it shines in lurid light,
Tales of  terrors, and the  blight,

Naught broken save this body, lost but breath;
And the worst friend and enemy is but Death.

They shall feel earth enwrapt in silence deep;
Men pass the grave, and say, “‘Twere well to sleep,

The peace of death.
The lifeless breath

Before our eyes
Hear still the cries

upon earth’s peaceful breast
Each laid him down to rest,

Gather round the Centenary Cemetery over there
Generations ever after with hymn and prayer

The day is past and the battle doth cease;
And hearts rest, eventide brings peace

Now speak of the peace that comes after strife,
The calm that follows the battle-filled life —

Now come the prayers and the bell
To honour them as they fell

Resound in peace and glory long
Sing out no more the bugle song

To ancestors you must see
Will you ever remember me?

So here I pray thee lay me not
to Rest in no memory and Die for naught.

Where’s that poppy on your collar?
Stand up now for peace, shout and holler

Poppies for Remembrance Day


Genealogy Hints and Tips: During the Centennial years following World War I (1914-1918), Search for the ancestor fallen. The tragedy has come to light, and diaries, battalions, battles, records, medals, reports, images, are coming online. From Vimy in the Classroom, Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial, Library and Archives images online at Fickr. The internet abounds remembering, honouring and paying tribute to those who fell in the Great War.  Have you, yourself, come to know your ancestor of the Great War?

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Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial Site Updated

10 Nov

What's in a Day?

Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial Site Updated

The Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial launched in 2010 has been newly re-designed as reported by programmer Ben Charron. This online commemoration project serves to recognize Saskatchewan armed forces personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

This ongoing project now enables additions via Word Press blogging software for community-based contributions. Personal reminiscences, biographical accounts and photographs enrich and supplement the names and dates of those who have fallen.

Towns, villages, schools and legion halls have had cenotaphs, cairns, plaques and shrines erected. The Regina War Memorial project came online at The Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial web site. In the words of the Right Honourable Sir Robert L. Borden, G.C.M.G, “In the years to come it will be the duty and the pride of Canada to rear, both in this Dominion and beyond the ocean, monuments which will worthily commemorate the glorious deeds of her sons who offered the supreme sacrifice for liberty and civilisation.”

It is very fortunate that history has not been forgotten. In physical cenotaphs, the story of valour and heroism is engraven to the memories of those who have fallen. And now, online, reaching far and wide, making known the story of Saskatchewan soldiers and their deeds is the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial.

Bill Barry said of the project, that “Those of us that are working on the war memorial committee, you know we’re not going to be around much longer and if we don’t get these kids involved and interested and aware then they will be forgotten and that will be a tragedy.”

“As regards our comrades who have lost their lives – let us speak of them with our caps off – my faith in the Almighty is such that I am perfectly sure that when men die, as they have died, doing their duty and fighting for their country, for the Empire, and to save the situation for others – in fact, have died for their
friends – no matter what their past lives have been, no matter what they have done that they ought not to have done (as all of us do), I am perfectly sure that the Almighty takes them and looks after them at once”, was how Lieutenant -General E.A.H. Alderson, C.B. addressed the Canadian troops after twelve days of continuous fighting between April 23 to May 4, 1915.

The remembrance of the achievements and sacrifices of Saskatchewan’s personnel can be honoured in many different ways. By wearing a poppy, attending a Remembrance Day ceremony, laying a wreath at a cenotaph, or by researching a story of a family ancestor who served from Saskatchewan during either war time or peace efforts. Honour their bravery, recognise their efforts and leave a positive consequence of their service, by sharing their biography with the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial.

Veterans, friends and families honoured Saskatchewan’s war dead with memorials, cairns and cenotaphs across the province. Photograph the cenotaph or memorial in your Saskatchewan home time and share it online at the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial. In this way, “those who have fallen in this struggle we shall not cease to mourn; for the cause which they have consecrated their lives we shall not cease to strive.”

Included on the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial are casualties from World War I, World War II, Korean War, Peacekeeping Missions, Boer War, and the Conflict of 1885. Become involved, pay a tribute to the splendid valour and heroism, to the courage and resourcefulness of the Saskatchewan troops.

Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal

Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.
For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon


For more information:

•Saskatchewan Gen Web Military Resources
Bibliography Source:

•Canada In Flanders – The Official Story of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Volume


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Who will continue Bob Hinitt’s legacy?

15 Dec

What's in a Day?

Robert N. Hinitt Born June 24, 1926 Winnipeg, MB Died November 11, 2011 Saskatoon, SK

Bob Hinitt, B.A., M.A. B.Ed. (1926-2011) was known for his work in the Saskatoon drama community. He took his dramatic artistry skills in setting up an elaborate Christmas staging to his front lawn every Christmas on Wiggins Avenue. Every year visitors would be treated to a new, original Christmas decoration which would raise funds for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals SPCA or Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. When Hinitt ‘s Christmas displays ended in 2006 due to knee surgery and diabetes, he said, “What I feel bad about is that (the organizations) won’t have that money this year. The animals need that. They need somebody to fend for them.” At his peak, his donated contributions came to $12,000 in one year alone.


Hinitt graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in French and English in 1947, followed by his Master in Arts two years later. He continued in University to receive his Bachelor of education in 1952. Over the next 44 years Hinitt taught French, English and Drama in Saskatoon high schools and at the University of Saskatchewan.

The archives have compiled a photographic collection commemorating the sculpture Hinitt crafted for the 1971 Jeux Canada Games, a sampling of his front yard Christmas displays, his backyard floral garden arrangements, artwork for Ronald McDonald House as well as sets at ABCI Robert Hinitt Castle Theater.

Early life

Hinitt and his family moved from Winnipeg to Calgary when he was 4 years old, relocating to Blucher, SK the following year. By the age of 9, the family had moved into the city of Saskatoon enabling Hinitt to attend Victoria School, Nutana Collegiate, and the University of Saskatchewan.


Hinitt designed the 600 seat round theatre for Aden Bowman Collegiate Institute ABCI, first named Castle Theatre. It was here that his skills he gleaned from Stratford in sets and design came to life, his interest in sculpture blossomed, and his love of drama brought awards in a number of provincial drama festivals. Students remember his skill at painting and assembling cardboard into pillars, and architecture from any era and any country, painting it to look like the setting needed for any play. Under the lights, a magical transformation occurred keeping the audience spell bound as the theatrical performance wound its charm around them. Not ony did the drama students at ABCI benefit from Castle theatre, but it was the inaugural venue for the Saskatoon Summer Players and their first performance Oliver!.

Hinitt was instrumental in the founding of the Saskatoon Gateway Players, The Saskatoon Summer Players, and also served with Persephone Theatre.

Honours and Awards

In 1967, Hinitt was honoured as the first CFQC Citizen of the year. In 1983, Hinitt received the Order of Canada. Hinitt was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2000 followed the next year with induction into the Woodward Theatre Hall of Fame. Hinitt Place is a Saskatoon street named in tribute. Bob Hinitt Wing was established in his honour at the SPCA, and in 2008 Castle Theatre was renamed “Robert Hinitt Castle Theater”. In tribute to Hinitt, he described as an “educator whose passion for theatre and design nurtured generations of theatre-goers, practitioners and artists.”

To honour the memory of Bob Hinitt, it was requested that donations continue to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals SPCA or Forestry Farm Park and Zoo.

What would be marvelous, indeed, would be for Christmas displays set up in his honour at a public Saskatoon location in his memory by the community.


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Peace And Joy to all of you, my friends


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