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Paeonia Blessings

4 Jan

Paeonia Blessings

Hearts coming together, nay joining together with dreams of future bliss, prosperity and happiness.


The tender embrace of love and rapture. Harmony of souls. Peaceful optimism. Caress and kiss. Well wishes and benevolence. Flowers and smiles, tears of bliss what else is present? In the melding of heart and soul shall there be the sound of anything knocking?


The harmony of love presses forward in time. Rejoicing over the holiday season, celebrating at Valentine’s Day, and culminating in spring wedding. Two becoming as one. Love emerging as a flower opening on a summer’s day. Hearts entwined with Love. The Love of body, mind and soul.


Who can celebrate such true Love? Unconditional Love that envelops the consciousness. Melting into true Love which captivates the senses. Merging the soul with perfect peace and all-encompassing Love. Forgoing all direction, not doing but being, resting and surrendering to Love in all its glory and splendour.


What questions arise? How shall the music of True Love be heard? The harmony of Love spreads far and wide. The melody of Love, an expression of the freedom and rapture of the souls of the hearts.

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