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Save our Cemeteries

20 Dec

Graceful Delight

Save our Cemeteries

Part 6 of a 7 part series.

It is with honour and respect that cemeteries which have served communities for decades are recognized and cared for. “Burial grounds are an essential part of a community”, as the town of Herbert says, “the little prairie cemetery, dotted with small bushes, little fences and crosses, perennial plants, flower vases and personal touches really do tell a story of those who have gone before.” Cemeteries do indeed, express the social identity of their communities.

The Saskatchewan Historic Cemetery Manual put out by the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society provides guidance to proceed on conservation and preservation of historical cemeteries, their clean up, repair and documentation. As Don Morgan, QC
Minister of Justice and Attorney General notes, the operation of cemeteries in Saskatchewan falls under the purview of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General….We have an opportunity to protect our heritage and if we don’t take steps to preserve it, it will be lost. As a province and a society we must make a commitment to identify and protect cemeteries.”

Note: This program (Saskatchewan Genealogy Society ~ Saskatchewan Cemetery Care and Maintenance Program SCCMP ) has been discontinued, however it ws intriguing, so the information is left here in this blog online

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Victorian cemetery art by Edmund Vincent Gillon


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